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Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena and Manor Hill Brewing Announce Partnership

Baltimore, MD (MARCH 29TH, 2023) - Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena and Manor Hill Brewing are thrilled to announce a new partnership aimed at providing an unparalleled experience to customers. The two respected organizations have joined forces to offer local craft beer and unique experiences at the premier venue for sports, entertainment, and community events in Maryland.

As part of this partnership, customers can enjoy a wide selection of Manor Hill Brewing's award-winning craft beers, which will be available at various locations throughout the arena. In addition, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena and Manor Hill Brewing will collaborate on events, promotions, and other initiatives to enhance the overall experience for patrons.

"We are excited to partner with Manor Hill Brewing and offer our customers a unique and elevated experience," said Tiffany Sun, General Manager of Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena. "Our goal is to provide our patrons with the best of what Maryland has to offer, and Manor Hill Brewing's commitment to creating exciting and approachable beers with a commitment to local sourcing aligns perfectly with our values."

Manor Hill Brewing is a family-owned craft brewery located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Their 54-acre working farm provides the perfect setting for their brewery operations, with 14 acres of non-GMO corn, free-range Angus cattle, honey bees, pygmy goats, and a garden that produces fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Since opening in 2015, Manor Hill Brewing has been committed to sustainability and supporting local farmers by using high-quality ingredients to craft their exciting and approachable beers. They are proud to be Howard County's first farm brewery and Maryland's largest farm brewery by production.

“Manor Hill has always prided itself on supporting the local community and working with like-minded organizations, so this partnership just made sense.We’re looking forward to seeing our farm-brewed beers available at one of the best venues in the state," said Corey Mull, Owner and CMO of Manor Hill Brewing.

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena and Manor Hill Brewing are excited to work together and provide an exceptional experience for all who visit Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming events and promotions.

For more information on Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena, please visit www.chesapeakeemployers.com/arena. For more information on Manor Hill Brewing, please visit www.manorhillbrewing.com.

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