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This exclusive Peake Club Pass grants you access to all the amenities of the All-Inclusive Peake Experience, including preferred parking, special venue entrance and security, a Peake lanyard, access to the Peake club level and lounge, complimentary catering and non-alcoholic beverages, private restrooms, and the only premium full bar in the arena. The Peake Club Pass does not include tickets to the show, giving you the freedom to custom select your seats anywhere in the arena, when purchasing online. Enjoy the perks of the club level and elevate your experience at the Chesapeake Arena with the Peake Club Pass.

You can purchase the Peake Club Pass as an add-on, at checkout, when you order show tickets on Ticketmaster or click the show below to purchase individually.

Concierge Suggestion: The Peake Club Pass is suggested for those that have specific seating preferences such as floor seats, front row, etc. or if you have already purchased seats to the show. If you do not have specific seating preferences, it is easier and more cost-effective to purchase the All-Inclusive Peake Experience packages.

Each person must have a club pass to enter the Peake Club
Boosie x Webbie Club Pass Boosie x Webbie Club Pass
Ladies R&B Kickback Club Pass Ladies R&B Kickback Club Pass
NOTICE: Peake Club Pass DO NOT include seats/tickets to the show. You must present a ticket to the show AND a Peake Club Pass in order to enter the venue. If you do not currently have tickets to the show and would prefer to order the All-Inclusive package, please call the number below to order.

For more information please contact us today by filling out the form below or by
calling ‪(410) 929-6870‬ anytime Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM.


What is the difference between the All-Inclusive Peake Experience and the Peake Club Pass?

The All-Inclusive Peake Experience includes club level seats to the show that are conveniently located right outside the Peake Club. These can only be purchased through our club sales department by calling 410.929.6870. It can be a little more cost efficient to order the All-Inclusive Peake packages, but if you have specific seating preferences (e.i. floor seats, specific section, etc) or already have tickets to the show, you can add the perks of the club by adding on the Club Pass.

Where are the club-level seats?

The seats that are included in the All-inclusive package are located in section 206/208 and are conveniently located right outside of the Peake Club Lounge so guests can easily access food, drinks, and private restrooms easily, throughout the night. These seats have a great view of the stage, but are located on the second level.

What food is provided?

The menu is customized for each show by our team of chefs. Examples of past menus have been taco bars, ravioli with sage butter cream sauce, or chicken and waffles for the main course. Alongside that, we have action stations with charcuterie cups, chips, dip, and bite-size hors d'ouvres. At the intermission of the show we completely restock all food stations to feature assorted mini desserts, warm pretzels with beer cheese dip, and more.

Non-alcoholic beverages are included with your package. Alcoholic beverages are at an additional cost.

How does parking work?

Preferred parking is included with all Peake Experience purchases. About 3 days before the show you will get an email notification with your complimentary Park Whiz Parking pass to show the parking attendant.

Is the Peake Club ADA Accessible?

Yes, there is elevator access to the Peake Club level and lounge. Ask the representative for Wheelchair accessible seating when you order.

Where is the private entrance?

One of the best perks of the Peake Club is skipping the line to get into the venue. When you arrive on-site, you will look to the right of the box office and you will see signage for the Peake Entrance. You will enter through your own private lobby and get a complimentary coat check, a Peake Lanyard, and a private elevator ride to the Peake Club level.

Can I order the Peake Club Pass on the day of the show?

Unfortunately, because we have to place food orders and distribute parking passes, the last chance to order the Peake Experience is one week prior to show day.

If you have additional questions, please call (410) 929 -6870 Monday through Friday 9AM-4:00PM, and our attendant will be happy to assist.

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